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Bologna and Motors Tour: exploring Ducati and Lamborghini


Emilia Romagna is a land of motoring excellence If you want to learn more and get to know the most important car and motorbike factories which have shaped the area’s history, we can recommend two tours.

The first will take you to the Ducati factory and museum.
It will delight not only those who are always glued to the TV for motorbike GPs but also visitors wishing to explore a less well-known side of Bologna. To find out about Ducati’s glorious history, you can book a tour which will take you to visit the museum and factory, accompanied by a guide who will explain all these wonderful bikes’ secrets to you.

You can do the same for the Lamborghini museum and factory.

The Lamborghini headquarters are also just a few kilometres from Bologna. With your guide, you will be able to discover these cars’ unmistakable Italian style and visit the fascinating museums and factories, to see how passion becomes art, advanced technology and quality.

Like the other tours we offer you, these tours are organised in association with Bologna Welcome, and can be booked through our hotel.

Contact us and we will book your chosen tour for you.
Or you can do so yourself using these links:

Tour Ducati

Tour Lamborghini


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