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Featuring a wide choice of products, our breakfast has become one of the best compliments we daily receive from our Guests and represents our special way of saying “Good Morning” to you.

At our rich buffet, you can decide to start your day making a fresh oranges, lemons or grapefruits juice, or also a mixed vegetables or fruits juice. Hot drinks will be daily prepared by our staff, such as a wide choice of tea flavours or coffee, together with chocolate, gingseng and much more.

It is also possible to take these drinks together with sweet food, like croissants, toasted bread with butter, honey or one of the different flavours of marmalade as well as with salted food like fresh and toasted hot break, served and taken with different kind of jam and cheese.

The variety of fresh and au sirop fruits, the yogurt served with a wide choice of muesli, cereals and exotic fruits, rice bread, different kind of pate are only few of the many products you will find every morning at our buffet.

All of our interior breakfast rooms, from the two internal ones to the one overlooking the garden and the gazebo inside the internal green corner, will give the choice to you to decide where to start your wonderful day in our town.

In order to satisfy all single requests coming from Guests, we recently improved choice of products served in our breakfast with dietetic products and special products for celiac people.